How to introduce your dog to a new baby

How to introduce your dog to a new baby

Ever wondered how best to introduce your dog to a new baby? Well, follow our guide on how best to introduce the loves of your life so you get it right first time.

1. Make sure your dog is tired.  Take your dog for a long walk or a tiring play first so they aren't too excited, and therefore less likely to jump up when you introduce them.

2. Be sure to say 'hello' to your dog first. Take time to give your dog a proper fuss alone first without the baby.

3. Introduce the baby in a quiet room. Avoid introducing them somewhere the dog spends a lot of time, such as the room they sleep or eat. 

Instead choose a room that your dog doesn't spend too much time in, somewhere they don't associate as their space.

4. Praise your dog's good behaviour. Remember to make the baby a positive experience for your dog by giving them lots of praise for good behaviour.

Allow the dog to sniff the baby, but make sure the baby is in your arms.

5. Always supervise. Never leave the baby unattended with your dog, despite excellent temperament you should always be there to ensure it's a positive experience for both.

When the dog loses interest reward them with a treat and praise.