Toilet Training 101, Hang in There!

Toilet Training 101, Hang in There!

Toilet training a new puppy can be quite testing, especially if you’re unsure where you are going wrong. Puppies typically go to the toilet more often than mature dogs, and so it’s important you build a routine with them early on and try not to get frustrated.

Get into the habit of taking your puppy outside after they’ve eaten, awoken from a relaxing slumber, had a round of excitable play, or if they look like they are wondering around the room for a place to squat.

Each time your puppy successfully goes to the toilet outside, make sure you reward them with a tasty treat and some encouraging words, particularly your marker word – ours is ‘Yes’.

It can take time to instil the routine of going outside to go to the toilet, so hang in there. If the puppy does go to the toilet inside the house, try not to react or make a fuss. Simply clean up the mess using carpet cleaner or biological washing powder mixed with water, or cleaning vinegar to remove the scent, and do not acknowledge the accident.

Instead ensure you provide lots of praise when they go to the toilet outside. The puppy will soon associate you being happy and them getting lots of fantastic praise, when to go to the toilet outside of the house.