Why regular dog grooming is essential

Why regular dog grooming is essential

Early detection of skin or health issues -
By regularly going to a groomer means they should become familiar with your dog and notice if there are any abnormalities or changes to their coat or body.

These could be bumps or lumps that you may have missed, matted feet - especially behind the toes, dry skin which is often diet related, or sore limbs.


Flea check -
Keeping your dog's coat clean, brushed, and groomed will help eliminate the growth of fleas and eggs.


In need of a PAW-dicure? -
An essential part of grooming is trimming your dog's nails, but your vet or groomer will be able to do this best, as you must never cut them too short.

However, leaving a dog's nails to grow too long means they may cause bad posture, uncomfortable walking, or split nails.

If you can hear your dog's nails tippity-tap on the floor, it's a good sign they need trimming.


No more stinky dog -
It's not just the hygiene benefits, but by brushing away any dead hair and skin you are more likely to get rid of any smelly dog scent.

Get into the habit of doing a short regular brush at home, and it'll help you bond with your dog.


Help stop ear infections -
Removing hair or dirt buildup in your dog’s ears is important in helping to prevent ear infections.  

Ear infections are one of the leading causes of dog deafness, so getting their ears checked regularly will help to maintain their hearing for many years to come.


No more matts -
Many dog's can develop matts, which occur when the fur becomes entwined.

Left untreated these matts can grow large and pull aggressively on the skin. If these are in sensitive areas or are tight, they can give your dog a lot of discomfort.

Regular brushing and grooming eliminate the chances of matts developing. In some cases, your groomer may have to trim the matts out.