5 Road safety tips for dogs and puppies

5 Road safety tips for dogs

Keep dog on a lead

KEEP YOUR DOG ON A LEADEven well-behaved dogs can get distracted or frightened

Teach dog emergency stop

TEACH EMERGENCY STOPTeach the command using a high value treat, such as a mini pork pie!


Teach your dog awareness

TEACH YOUR DOG AWARENESSTeach your dog to always stop and wait at a curb until it's safe to cross. Tell them to 'sit' or 'wait' to instill this command.


Be seen

BE SEENHigh visibility or light-coloured clothing, especially in the evening and during the winter will help you stand out. Consider a dog jacket with reflective strips so driver's can see you from a distance.


Microchip and collar

MICROCHIP & COLLAR - Make sure your microchip details are kept up to date. Your dog's collar should always include a tag with a phone number, postcode, and your name.