How it all began...

In July 2020, precisely one day before what should have been our wedding day, instead of walking down the aisle we received the call we had been excitedly waiting for - we would soon be welcoming a much-wanted member to our family. Olive, our now beloved Airedale Terrier became the focus of mine and my now husband's lives after six months of so much uncertainty.
I had spent much of my spare time that year in my sewing room creating dresses to wear with nowhere to go, gifts for friends I could not see, but soon my focus shifted to what I could create for Olive. 
Olive & Stone Co started as a seed of an idea whilst I sat in my sewing room cutting fabric. Like any soon-to-be PAWrent I spent hours searching for something different and unique for her, yet well-made, and of course, safe.
When all I could find was ill-fitting accessories with uninspiring patterns, I decided to use my creativity and love for sewing and fashion to instead design my own. Limited editions inspired by where we live and what we love, means there is little chance of running into another precious pooch wearing the same threads as yours.
Just like Olive, our business Olive & Stone Co. was born in Devon in 2020, but made to stand out and made to be different.